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Raqs Houston is an oriental dance (Raqs Sharqi, Bellydance)  workshop and show production created by Hips & Dips. 

They aim to showcase the beautiful art of bellydance through intensive workshops and performances all in one weekend in Houston, Texas!

Hips & Dips has hired Vanessa of Cairo for the 2023 event! 


This year, Hips & Dips Studio is bringing Melissa Gamal from Canada! Click here for more information about Melissa. 

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(Workshops can be purchased by clicking the arrow below or scrolling down.)

SATURDAY: 10am - 12pm - Vanessa's Fundamentals

Hips & Dips Bellydance Studio - 10850 Jones Rd, Houston, TX

Build your dance foundation strong at any level. Good technique never goes out of style!! It doesn’t matter what style you do—create the best dancing for you! Vanessa will help you live your best dance life by giving you her top technique essentials to help you with balance, lines, transitions and quality of movement. This class is open to all levels—from beginner to pro!


SATURDAY: 1pm - 3pm - Classic Entrance Piece

Hips & Dips Bellydance Studio - 10850 Jones Rd, Houston, TX

(Please bring veil for certain sections) The entrances we make are the most important thing we can do when making a great first impression -- and keeping the audience with you every second of the journey! Students will be guided through recognizing musical cues as well as utilizing a variety of vocabulary to interpret the different segments of the song. We will listen to the music, and learn how to identify phrases, repeats, accents, changes, and variations of phrases. If the choreography is set, the dancers will understand WHY the elements are placed where they are. If there are places for improvisation, the class will be guided to choose the elements which are most appropriate for the musical representation. A veil may be used at the beginning of piece, but is not required. Handouts are available, but we will be working on the concept of how to dance to the entrance, and even if you forget the choreography, or later choose to improvise to the music, you will feel confident in making a great first impression!


SATURDAY: 630pm - Doors Open, Show starts at 7pm. 

The Palladium 1530 W Sam Houston Pkwy N Suite 101, Houston TX

  • Doors Open at 6:30pm

  • Show starts at 7pm

*Price Varies

SUNDAY: 10am - 12pm - Saidi Workshop

Hips & Dips Bellydance Studio - 10850 Jones Rd, Houston, TX

This fun and informative class will focus on Saiidi and Folklore style technique, steps, and combinations— Including options for both with and without the Asaya (or cane) . Vanessa will also incorporate some of her signature moves in transitions! By the end of this class everyone will have their own take for how to implement these elements into sections of oriental entrance pieces, as well as ideas for solo choreography/improvisation, and Group choreography for Saiidi and Folklore. Saidi is one of Vanessa’s favorite topics ever and she’s excited to share her knowledge with you! Yalla!



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