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Class Descriptions

Bellydance Basics

BEGINNER LEVEL - Bellydance Basics class breakdown bellydance movements and incorporates those movements into a combination that is worked on at the end of the class. 

Choreography Series

INTERMEDIATE LEVEL - Choreography series spans 8 weeks long. Students will learn all the movements and practice them in a sequential order until the end of the series. New combos and technique are introduced in each class. The series must be purchased in order to receive access to the online resources.

Bellydance Flow

INTERMEDIATE LEVEL - Bellydance Flow class will be covering your Bellydance Basics along with drilling movements and putting them together to learn fun and creative combos in a fusion dance style. 

Bellydance Drills 

ALL LEVELS - Bellydance drills class covers bellydance movements and drills them along with foot and arm patterns. This class is a great way to work on technique and take your dancing to the next level. Get ready to break a sweat! 

Bellydance Combos

ADVANCED LEVEL - Must have knowledge of basic bellydance movements. This class incorporates bellydance movements along with arm and traveling patterns in the dance combination. 

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