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Kasandra was born and raised in Houston Texas. She grew up in a very diverse cultural family, being raised by her stepfather who is middle eastern and mother who is Mexican. Growing up in the middle eastern culture, she found her passion for Arabic music and dancing at a early age. Her mother decided to put her and her sister in Bellydance classes. Little did she know it would change her life forever.


In 2005 at the young age of 14 she began studying with a couple different teacher's in the Houston area. Once she graduated highschool she found "Ahlam Academy" and was a dedicated student for many years. She has also studied with other great teachers such as Simon and Zara. Over the years she has taken countless hours of workshops and classes with great instructors including international dancers straight from Egypt. She has learned many different styles of Bellydance such as folkloric, debke, khalijee, Turkish Romani, Persian, Oriental, classical Egyptian, and much more.


In 2016 she decided to take a big leap and began Bellydancing professionally creating and performing her own shows. Since then she has grown and continued to turn Bellydance into her full time career. She absolutely loves what she does and is very passionate. She is now happy to be able to teach and spread the love of the dance and culture.

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