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Gia Bee

Gia Bee has been belly dancing her heart out since 2012 when she took her first lesson in Houston, Texas, and she is thankful that belly dance has been a constant companion over the years. She began her studies with many Houston-area teachers encompassing a wide range of belly dance and folkloric styles including Lebanese, Egyptian, Dabke, ATS, ITS, and fusion. Gia was especially interested in fusion bellydance and attended as many workshops, lessons, and lectures as possible. Gia has been a member of Houston-area fusion belly dance companies such as Shunyata, Dance From the Heart, and Dauntless Dance Company for public and private events, as well as the Texas Renaissance Festival. Fun Fact: Gia is a passionate student and performer of Ori Tahiti and Hula. She is currently regularly performing with Drums of the Pacific HTX, and continues to learn from Kumu Hula’s and Ra’atira’s from Hawaii, Tahiti, California, and beyond.

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