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SATURDAY June 29th, 2024 

9am - 11am: Golden Era Styling

Re-live the golden age of Egyptian cinema with this glamorous workshop. From the subtle and expressive, to movie star dramatics, we’ll explore overall themes and elements that set the framework for this styling, as well as signature movements from some of the big stars during this renowned era of Raqs Sharqi. (Optional: Students can wear low dance heels, and bring a circle skirt + a veil).

SATURDAY June 29th, 2024 

12pm - 2pm - New Shaaby & Cairo Trends

The latest techniques and movement trends from Cairo set the tone for this workshop! Over the decades, sha’abi music has changed and evolved, and so has the dancing done to this music. Today’s popular dance movements tend to pack a punch, have a lot of sass... and might get you into a little bit of trouble! We’ll talk about some of the differences between Pop, Shaabi, and Mahraganat music, and then dance our hips off to songs burning up the Egyptian dance scene!

SATURDAY June 29th, 2024

2:30pm - 4:30pm - Magical Mejance

First impressions matter! Capture your audience from the moment you step into the spotlight by Immersing yourself in the vibrant layers a of mejance composition. Let stage presence and musicality take center stage, as we dissect the common structure of a mejance (entrance) piece, allowing you to leave the audience wowed and waiting for more!

SUNDAY June 30th, 2024

11am - 1pm -Tabla Wa Sagat (Drum Solo)

The place where dancer and musician meet as one - this workshop will give our brain, body, and fingers a little challenge! We’ll start by learning some musician style finger cymbal techniques and musicality, and then fold it into a fun and energetic drum solo choreography to highlight not only our cymbal playing, but our beautiful shimmies as well!


Contribution of time can cover a workshop expense.


Contribution of time can cover a workshop expense.



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